The need for frames

Frames are not supplied with the hundreds of thousands

of tarpaulins provided to displaced families every year

The result is poorly constructed unsafe shelters

The ReciproBoo Shelter Kit (RSK) provides an innovative solution to this problem.


Myanmar Delta village set up RSK

The unique roof of the RSK defines
it from any other shelter or tent.

to build this shelter

first choose your resource


THE BAMBOO RSK the next phase, direct assistance

June 2016: first ReciproBoo bamboo shelter preparedness program.

Pyin Ma Chaung village, Irrawaddy Delta Myanmar. Villagers embraced the shelter method by showing us how they would thatch the shelter roof with palm leaves in an emergency. They also built the 4 unit 40 square metre classroom / reception.


August 2016: CDA follow up in Irrawaddy Delta. NGO members that attended the recent ReciproBoo training in Yangon set up preparedness training in a further 10 villages at risk from flooding in the region.

Delta village thatchIng RSK roof with palm leaves


September 2016: KT Care Foundation with CDA have extended training to communities in Naung Cho Township, Northern Shan State

November 2016: CDA and Mercy Malaysia

plan to organise bamboo RSK training in a further 10 villages in Kalay Townships in Sagaing Region.

Norther Shan State build first emergency RSKs


based on bamboo RSK for communities at risk
for organisations deploying bamboo RSKs with tarpaulins

ReciproBoo Shelter Kit

Aid Innovation Award Winner

"The Aid Innovation
Challenge aims to find the next
big invention to impact the
delivery of Aid”

Latest news


NGOs attend bamboo RSK training in Yangon

ReciproBoo Shelter


For organisations and individuals to receive support with training, preparedness and response programs using bamboo RSKs.

Overview of ReciproBoo shelter

Why is the ReciproBoo Shelter Kit (RSK) so different?

The ReciproBoo Shelter Kit (RSK) is an upgradeable shelter... not a tent

Capture 2

This Red Cross video shows why the RSK is needed.
These shelters in Haiti would not have collapsed if they had been built with a reciprocal roof.

Reference section

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