The problem: Today there is still no frame available for supporting the thousands of tarpaulins that are delivered by aid agencies when disaster strikes. The ReciproBoo Shelter Kit (RSK) provides a solution to this problem. The RSK is a simple but exceptionally strong reciprocal frame shelter that uses local resources and requires only basic skills to assemble. Families can now build a dignified shelter with their tarpaulin and adapt it to their personal needs.

South Sudan ReciproBoo emergency shelter

South Sudan Thousands of displaced people are seeking shelter under trees The RSK is a shelter option that could meet the needs of these people and this page has been set up with this in mind. In particular, this shelter uses 30% less bamboo than any other type of shelter thereby making maximum use of limited bamboo resources. It is cooler than a tent and can be rapidly erected and taken down to be easily carried by families on the move. [Read more about these benefits]


Reports and assistance building the bamboo RSK

  18th November 2013

  12th March 2013

18th May 2013