Elevating the RSK roof

Both the steel and bamboo roof can easily be elevated to increase headroom and living space.

Steel frame shelter

Bamboo frame shelter

Benefits 41

Elevating the base of the frame roof considerably increases living space.

This can be done on day one if the frame can be lifted onto a low stone wall, wooden or bamboo posts. This is particularly useful in urban disasters where use can be made of available bricks and masonry.

It is a feature of the reciprocal frame that the further the frame is elevated towards the horizontal its stability and ability to bear weight actually increases.

This is due to the "vertical locking" force exerted by gravity and is a unique feature of the reciprocal frame roof.


The bamboo roof frame is easily lifted onto support posts.


Two roof frames are lifted onto support posts to considerably increase living space.

Part elevation

This is easy to achieve. Any low wall or rigid posts can be made use of.

Benefits 39

Two bamboo posts have been used to elevate this single roof frame onto a low wall in Nepal. This is a good example of how good use can be made of existing masonry to elevate the roof.

Full elevation

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