Reciproboo Shelter Kit (RSK) and disaster preparedness

Steel shelter kit

Bamboo shelter kit





1 x 4 m
4 x 3 m
2 x 2.5 m

The bamboo poles for the RSK are easy to prepare as there are only 3 lengths required for each shelter.

The steel kit is lightweight (17.6 Kg) and compact ( 25 kits per cubic metre) for easy transportation.

20 identical interlocking 22mm steel poles

(Length determines size of shelter- 90cm for standard tarp)

2 standard 6m x 4m plastic tarpaulins
 Or equivalent plastic sheeting
24 metres of 6mm polypropylene rope.
Or equivalent natural or synthetic rope.
40 metres of jute or sisal twine.
Or any available twine suitable for lashing. Wire or rubber strips can also be used.
4 to 6 steel fixings for rope attachment and anchorage

*** PLEASE NOTE that these steel fixings are not essential for the kit. Wooden or bamboo stakes can be used to fix side ropes and lower frame poles to the ground .

All the components of the bamboo RSK can easily be prepared in a advance by a community or aid agency.

The ropes and lashing materials for the shelters can also be sourced locally.

Plastic sheeting can be cut to size and stored as required or use made of standard relief tarpaulins.

Bamboo that has been dried and subjected to basic preservation treatment can be stored for a considerable time and used when required for the emergency shelters.

This shelter kit could be stored in large numbers to facilitate a disaster response .

Sandbag RSK 89


The RSK could also be deployed with existing shelter kits that are distributed by aid agencies but do not have a frame for supporting their own tarpaulin. It could also be used to build earthbag shelters.

Sandbag RSK 76

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