practical shelter innovation for disaster relief

Bamboo Reciproboo Shelter Kit (RSK) programs




This is essentially an education program that will empower families to build their own bamboo relief shelter.

The basic 7 bamboo pole emergency shelter will give the family the option of being able to carry a lightweight shelter kit with them if they are displaced from their home.

The family can later upgrade the reciprocal frame roof of this shelter to the more permanent double elevated shelter when bamboo resources become available.

Initial deployment of the bamboo shelter frame can be with IFRC shelter kits.

The IFRC shelter kit has been shown to work well with the RSK frame. The tools, ropes and wire in the kit are ideal for construction. Furthermore, the RSK frame is designed to fit the 6m x 4m IFRC tarpaulins. At present there is no frame for supporting the IFRC shelter kit tarpaulins so this combination makes good sense.

For large scale disasters the plan is to supply the bamboo reciprocal frame with all the tarpaulins distributed by aid agencies. This will enable beneficiaries to build a shelter immediately without having to resort to stripping wood and the weaker green bamboo from the environment.

Depending on the level of risk in the community it may be feasible to consider pre-positioning of bamboo kits. Bamboo can be pre-cut to 3m and 4m lengths in the ratio 6:1 for this purpose. The bamboo can be dried and stored before recycling every 2 years for livestock shelter construction on a rotational use basis.



Minimal costs for materials used as all are locally available.
Administration costs will also be minimal if the program can be incorporated into an existing social program such as the SEEDS Asia community outreach program in the Delta.

Prepositioned bamboo frames cost $6 each.

The bamboo RSK frames to go with the IFRC shelter kit cost $6 each.

The complete RSK shelter kit ( including a $15 tarpaulin) costs $25

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