practical shelter innovation for disaster relief

Using the double RSK shelter in urban disasters

The recent training in Myanmar has illustrated the potential for erecting the double RSK shelter in urban / city disasters where using stakes to anchor tent frames to the ground would not be possible.

The double RSK is a 15 pole shelter that covers 19 square metres and stands over 2 metres high.

The basic structure consists of two single RSK frames angled into each other with 2 single vertical props.The weight of the two frames pressing from each side enables the shelter to stand without additional support during construction. The frame is anchored to the ground by lashing the 4 corners of the base of the frame to concrete blocks. Additional anchorage is provided by two guy ropes from the top of the support props to concrete blocks on each side of the shelter.


Double RSK under construction. An additional pole has been lashed in place across the base of the roof frame.


Double RSK shelter inside space

During training we demonstrated how the single emergency shelters could be rapidly converted to this double shelter by simply rotating the two 7’6” props to a vertical position and then adding a second frame.

It must be remembered that, unlike tents or traditional "A" frame shelters, one side of this shelter can also be elevated onto a low stone wall if required.

The double RSK shelter could also be used for setting up preparedness programs in cities. Bamboo poles cut to 3 lengths (2.3m,2.8m and 3.5m) could be prepositioned alongside trapaulins for use in any emergency. In the case of an earthquake beneficiaries would get considerable benefit from the strength and security that this shelter provides.

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