Earthbag shelter

The aim of this shelter is to improve security and increase insulation by building earthbag walls.

In a post disaster situation, the bamboo or steel reciprocal frame has many advantages over traditional roofs for earthbag wall shelters. These include:

1 Simple assembly.
The reciprocal frame can be assembled on the ground and then simply lifted into position.

2. Minimal "spreading" forces are exerted at its points of support.
Traditional roofs require carefully located trusses to prevent these forces, whereas a horizontal plane reciprocal frame roof exerts forces vertically down on the walls.

3. The reciprocal roof frame is a self - supporting structure.
The weight of covering materials is equally shared between all the poles.

4. It is the most efficient type of roof span.
The reciprocal frame can make use of shorter length poles to span a given roof space. Salvaged poles that are not long enough to span the roof space can therefore be used.

5. Easily reinforced or repaired.
After the basic roof has been built it can easily be worked on from the inside.
In a typhoon the roof can be rapidly modified and lowered to provide a survival capsule for the family (see below)

In this example the roof span starts with just a 4 pole reciprocal frame

Sandbag RSK

Inclined roof

Two units share a central wall

Reinforcing the basic roof.

1. Addition of braces

Four braces are positioned across each corner and the frame lashed down as shown.

2. Addition of a reverse frame.

In this example a clockwise overlapping reciprocal frame is lashed on top of the first anticlockwise overlapping frame.

Storm shelter option.

Sandbag RSK9

In a severe storm or typhoon the roof can rapidly be lowered inside the shelter walls.

This is achieved by simply adjusting the size of the central reciprocal frame,

If the lower edge of the frame is positioned next to an existing door a channel can be dug to drain run off water away.

Sandbag RSK 76

Dimensions of earthbag shelter

Sandbag RSK 0

Working with horizontal plane RSK roofs

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