practical shelter innovation for disaster relief

Educational opportunities using the reciprocal frame concept.

The educational aspects of reciprocal frames include the fascinating history,science and art behind the concept.

History: from Leonardo da Vinci bridges to modern construction.

Science: mathematics paticularly geometry, physics and engineering.

Art: design, creative architecture and humaniatrian applications.

These can be started at a primary school level with simple "hands on" practical lessons, and extend through secondary schools up to degree level with engineering research as we have shown at Galway University.


The Government of Myanmar has identified capacity development in DRR as a priority and set up the Myanmar Action Plan for DRR (MAPDRR).

By proactively engaging with the international community there is now considerable momentum to put in place programs that can make better use of human and natural resources for DRR. These include training schemes and bamboo agriculture, as well as national awareness projects through education and schools.

Teachers will be invited to receive basic instruction in the reciprocal frame concept together with "hands on" practical exercises to engage students. They will then be encouraged to return to their schools and incorporate the educational aspects of reciprocal frame shelters in their lessons to children.

The campaign will generate interest in the community training and also widen the public awareness of this new method of shelter construction.

By fitting in with the existing joint Government and Aid Organisation DRR awareness campaigns the costs for this program will be mainly for the printing of leaflets to assist the instruction classes.

Although the use of reciprocal farmes in construction is understood by associated professionals and academics, in the general population it remains largely unknown. We are therefore planning a school based education campaign to widen public awareness of its use for shelter construction.


Educational RSK model building Northern Shan State

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