practical shelter innovation for disaster relief

How the Reciproboo Shelter Kit (RSK) can save lives.

1. Reducing dehydration.

After a disaster, children, the sick and the elderly are vulnerable to dehydration, especially in the tropics.

The RSK can support heavy insulation ( foliage, reeds,bamboo matting, wood, CGI sheeting etc) making it much cooler than a tent.

In tests it has been shown that the inside temperature of this shelter can be lowered by over 20 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees Centigrade) when simple cladding is added on top of the roof frame.

A drop in temperature of this scale inside a shelter would considerably reduce body fluid losses and the risk of dehydration.

The tests were carried out on the basic emergency shelter. The bamboo elevated shelters, due to the frame being horizontal, can support even heavier loads of insulation which will provide quality shade in the tropics.

temp pic

2. Reducing the risk of hypothermia.

Children and the elderly are vulnerable to hypothermia in a cold climate.
The ability of the Reciproboo shelter roof to be insulated reduces this risk.
In this example two reciprocal frames are used for the of the main shelter roof.

A third smaller reciprocal frame that has been loaded with insulating materials on its roof can also be used within the shelter to create a warmer sleeping capsule for 4 persons. As the capsule is within the main shelter use can be made of insulating materials like rugs,cardboard and surplus fabric etc. This inner frame is very similar in profile to the storm shelter.

A fourth reciprocal frame can also be used to lift those that are most vulnerable to hypothermia off the ground when sleeping. This would reduce body heat loss to the ground. It would be particularly valuable when there is surface flooding in order to provide a dry platform for clothes and rugs.

3. Speed, mobility and increased security.

The bamboo RSK is a lightweight and easily carried shelter. A family that have assembled the 7 pole emergency shelter kit in advance can evacuate from a dangerous location
( floods, lanslides) rapidly knowing that their shelter can be set up in minutes. They will not have to endure being caught out in the open and exposure to the elements as they await delivery of a tent.

Providing this early cover is important additional security for women and children.
In this connection, the reciprocal frame roof of the RSK can easily be placed on top of solid walls made of earth bags to make a more secure shelter.

The RSK is well ventilated and this together with less inside condensation due to its insulation could help reducing transmission of respiratory infections.

The bamboo poles and ropes of the RSK can also be used to make a stretcher to carry sick or injured family members to safety.

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