practical shelter innovation for disaster relief

Aims of the ReciproBoo Shelter Kit (RSK) project.

1. To get the bamboo RSK adopted
by aid agencies as a generic
emergency shelter
for tarpaulin support.

3. To promote through education
the humanitarian benefits of
reciprocal frames.

2. To promote the steel RSK option
for disaster relief in countries
where bamboo resources are not
available or where a large
international deployment of shelter
is required.

We aim to achieve this by

# Advocating the bamboo reciprocal
frame roof as the most practical
and efficient option for supporting
tarpaulins in a disaster.

# Promoting disaster preparedness by
encouraging the prepositioning of
bamboo RSK frames wherever
tarpaulins are stored .

# Demonstrating the shelter to NGO's
and Government Departments.

# Working with partners to scale up the
use of this shelter for disaster

We aim to achieve this by

# Working with Universities to futher
research the engineering and
humanitarian aspects of reciprocal
frame shelters.

# Working with schools, Scouts and
Guides organisations to explore
the educational aspects of reciprocal
frames; from history, geometry,
physics, mathematics through to
hands on practical classes.

# Investigating other practical
applications for reciprocal frame
shelters: supporting frames for
mosquito nets, livestock shelters.

We aim to achieve this by

# Advocating the steel RSK as the only
shelter kit that has specifically been
developed to support relief tarpaulins in
hot or cold climates..

# Proposing that steel RSK frames are
prepositioned wherever tarpaulins
are stored for disaster preparedness.

# Working with partners to scale up the
use of this shelter for disaster
response. Due to the commercial
potential of the steel RSK, to look for
partners in the corporate sector to
achieve this aim.

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