Roof repair

Transitional roof

Both the steel and bamboo reciprocal frames can be used for a temporary repair to a damaged roof.

In a disaster situation repairing a roof using a reciprocal frame has the following advantages:


In this example 4 short poles arranged reciprocally are able to span a roof.

1. A reciprocal frame repair can make
use of poles that are individually too
short to span a roof space.

Sandbag shelter3

2. A reciprocal frame is a self-supporting
structure.This inherent strength means that
it can support not just a tarpaulin but also
other available materials such as CGI sheeting.

 Here the reciprocal frame is shown supporting a tarpaulin. Additional pole sections can be added to complete the repair.

3. A reciprocal roof frame can be assembled
on the ground and then lifted into its final
position on the roof.

In a disaster this is much easier for people with limited skills to build and avoids the more difficult aerial assembly.

The roof frame is covered with a tarpaulin, then thatch and lifted onto existing posts or walls.

live 4

Multiple roof frames can repair larger shelters

4. Minimal skills required for making the repair.

There are no complex joints. Any family member can cross lash the poles together working on the ground.


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