practical shelter innovation for disaster relief

Steel Reciproboo Shelter Kit (RSK) programs




Initial deployment of the steel shelter frame could be with IFRC shelter kits.

The IFRC shelter kit has been shown to work well with the RSK frame. The tools, ropes and wire in the kit are ideal for construction. Furthermore, the RSK frame is designed to fit the 6m x 4m IFRC tarpaulins. At present there is no frame for supporting the IFRC shelter kit tarpaulins so this combination makes good sense.

All the components are readily available; assembly into a kit is all that is required.

The frame to support the tarpaulins in the IFRC shelter kit can be supplied immediately as the tubular steel sections are all identical and can be ordered by the tens of thousands at a considerable discount.

Recent work with bamboo has indicated that the steel hooks for rope attachment are not needed and that bamboo or wooden stakes can be used instead.

An alternative is for the complete shelter kit to be assembled by tarpaulin manufacturers. This would result in a compact kit of tubular steel sections, steel pegs / hooks ropes and lashings wrapped in 2 standard relief tarpaulins.

For large scale disasters the plan is to supply all the aid agencies that deploy tarpaulins with the frame. This will enable beneficiaries to build a shelter immediately without having to resort to stripping wood from the environment.

The complete kit weighs only 17.6Kg ( this includes two tarpaulins weighing 9kg)



The steel RSK frames to go with the IFRC shelter kit cost $20 each.

The complete steel RSK shelter kit ( including two tarpaulins at $30) costs $54.

Deploying the shelter frames with existing IFRC kits will incur handling and transportation costs.

However these costs have to be offset against the considerable savings achieved in transporting a shelter kit weighing only 18Kg against a 65Kg relief tent.

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