Transitional shelter

The reciprocal frame roof of the ReciproBoo shelter can be used as a template to construct a more permanent structure.

Bamboo will be used in the following illustrations due to its strength and widespread availability as a sustainable resource. Wooden joists could be used, especially in the multiple member roof frame.

4 pole bamboo template:

4 bamboo poles replace the steel poles of the central reciprocal frame . The remaining ropes are replaced by ridge poles and the unit is ready to be used for roof construction.
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8 pole bamboo template:

This is the simplest template to make a roof for a square walled structure.
It is also easy to see how this can be taken further with multiple poles to make a roof for a more traditional circular walled structure. [Read more]

Steel frame shelter:

The use of two roof frames to make a larger shelter is described under modular benefits.

The steel pole frame also be used to attach corrugated iron sheets to and this opens up its potential use as a roof for a more permanent structure. Read more


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