practical shelter innovation for disaster relief

Why ReciproBoo?

Summary of the innovation:

In theory, tilting a reciprocal frame at an angle to the horizontal should not work as a roof; but in practice it does. This is in part due to our finding that cross-lashing the joints of tubular steel works as well as if using bamboo poles, and also that the required stability of the inclined structure can be attained by using only a single ridge pole.

Think of ReciproBoo as a special type of reciprocal frame roof that can be used as an emergency shelter or for repairing an existing roof during the early phase of a disaster. This roof frame can later be elevated to make a larger shelter or used as a template for the roof of a more permanent structure in the second phase.

Key advantages:

A lightweight compact kit that can be quickly erected on any slope or terrain.

Its unique ability to support heavy insulation makes it much cooler in the tropics and a potential life saver in extreme cold climates.

 Easily worked on and repaired, it can be elevated and extended to fully meet SPHERE guidelines or used as a template for a transitional shelter especially if bamboo is available.

 It is modular, recyclable and very economic; not only using 30% less steel, but also at US$46 a unit, costing 1/6th that of a tent.

 Although this represents tremendous savings in transportation costs for Aid Agencies it still remains end-user focused.

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